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A Call To Dialogue

Born in the 70’s I grew up hearing stories about the past greatness of my dearly beloved nation. For several years, I listened to my father discuss the woes of Nigeria, and how a potentially great nation failed to fulfil its promise. My parents (just like yours) would exhaustively describe Nigeria – pre and post […]

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With One Voice

I believe something good is happening as Nigerians who are young in age and in spirit, hewn from every tribe and tongue of our great nation; folks who’ve never participated in politics before, turned out in numbers as we have never seen because they know in their hearts that these elections must be different. I […]

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Creating the conversation for change; the Nigeria Dialogue opportunity

From Alkasim Abdulkadir’s “Not the Road to Yamoussoukro” to Temitayo Olufinlua’s “Poster Politics” and many others in-between, the site ‘Nigeria Dialogue’ has announced itself in barely two months of existence as not just been serious minded and purpose driven but also one of the most credible sources of well written and in-depth analysis on socio-political […]

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Terrorism In Nigeria; Beyond The Rhetoric

The peace of the morning of Friday August 26 2011 was disturbed when an explosives laden car, driven by a suicide bomber smashed into the United Nations building in the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja, knocking down two gates in its path before detonating. The resulting bang and the havoc it left behind, including the […]

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Introducing – My Meanderings: A Weekly Column

Welcome to my world. Now that statement is such a cliché which my writing tutors have said, again and again, never to use. “Again and again” is another. What is your world? Where is your world? I am a bad student. It’s our world. This would be an observation of our world from my corner […]

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