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Want To Help Fix Nigerian Education? Register For The Tech In Education Hackathon

From the 17th-19th February, Tech In Education, a meeting of techies, teachers and other professionals with interests in education, will be convened with a view to creating actual solutions that will bring disruptive change into the space.

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Funmi Iyanda’s Chop Cassava

Multi award winning broadcaster, journalist, columnist and blogger, Funmi Iyanda is many things. And in the past few weeks, we’ve come to see yet another side to this young Nigerian media icon – the activist

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Co-Creation Hub Needs Your Help To Repair The Yaba Barracks

Last week, a heavy storm whipped through Lagos, causing vast damage to property and untold financial losses and displacing many families in the areas affected, particularly in Yaba and Lagos Island.

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Molue Meditations – The Law Of Expectation

Like is ongoing in Lagos, the emergence of a new Nigeria will require fundamental changes in the way we think, in our perceptions of the probable consequences of our behaviour. A change in our expectations.

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A Systematic Approach Towards The Reorientation Of Nigerian Values

I didn’t say the values don’t exist, because they do, in carefully compartmented recesses of our minds. Like our best clothes, we wear them to church on Sunday, after which we fold them back neatly into the wardrobe till next week…

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