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A Systematic Approach Towards The Reorientation Of Nigerian Values

I didn’t say the values don’t exist, because they do, in carefully compartmented recesses of our minds. Like our best clothes, we wear them to church on Sunday, after which we fold them back neatly into the wardrobe till next week…

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How To Get A Contract In Nigeria [Parody]

Just spotted this animated video on YouTube which essentially is a parody of how government contracts work in Nigeria…

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Occupy Nigeria – The Rise Of The Politics Of Ideas

This is the catalyst, the precursor to a Nigerian polity that is based on ideas…the best thing that can happen for the movement is for the tempo and engagement to be sustained, even long after the protests end, because they will not last forever

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Rich Kid, Poor Kid: The Fallacy Of Educational Subsidies In Nigeria

Nigerians, irrespective of their financial status, believe it is mandatory for the government to make sure that tertiary education is free and of high quality…

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How The Opposition Helps Keep PDP In Power – The Adamawa Guber Elections

Without a strong, national opposition party, the boast of the PDP to rule Nigeria for 60 years might as well be a reality, and a lot of it would be with the ‘help’ of the opposition.

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