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Nigeria Has Lost Her Green

We do not need knowledge of rocket science to understand this phenomenon. It is desert encroachment. Sand dunes are gradually becoming commonplace as the vegetation disappears. This is not a story confined to the Borno State, but extends all over Nigeria.

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Walking The Path To Change

But this article is not about PDP and their infamy. It is about the question of whether young people should join political parties and if they can be able to effect change in them.

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Are We Done Occupying Nigeria?

I understand that for a movement that was put together in practically hours, it surpassed expectations on how long they could hold out. But to my dismay, all that energy and excitement surrounding Occupy Nigeria has dissipated…

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Joachim MacEbong – Thoughts On The Future Awards Symposium

It has been said that where two or three Nigerians are gathered, Nigeria’s problems will be discussed. The Future Project managed to get several young leaders in one place – as well as some older ones – and as such it was more than your usual talk shop.

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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Even in an advanced democracy like the US, the influence of money in their politics is substantial, and corrosive. In Nigeria, its effects are calamitous…

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