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It’s Back To Work For The Finance Minister

In the last one month, Nigeria and Nigerians have found themselves in an unusual position: one of their own was proclaimed as the best candidate for a job of considerable international resources and influence. What started fairly innocuously soon became a full-on campaign for Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s presidency of the World Bank…

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How to honour MKO Abiola

One thing about being a leader – whether good or bad – is that you can change the conversation with your utterances. That is exactly what President Jonathan did with his Democracy Day speech. He seems to have mastered the art of being able to distract people from his less than encouraging one year in […]

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A Consolidated Mess

The dispute between Lagos state doctors and the state government took a dramatic turn on Monday, as over 700 doctors were relieved of duty, and the move for their replacements started in earnest…

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Fuel Subsidy: Has The Government Underestimated Its Citizens?

how far are the people ready to go in order to get the government, that is supposed to serve them, to do what they want?

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Joachim MacEbong – Initial Thoughts On Nigeria’s Unity

As a Nigerian, reading the analysis of the majority of foreign views about Nigeria ranges from amusing to painful. For starters, some foreign media outlets seem obsessed with the ‘Muslim North, Christian South’ narrative…

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