Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simply to foster a new generation of Nigerians who are committed to solving our problems; a generation tired of passing the buck and willing to fix the problem wherever they find themselves . We call this generation  ‘The New Majority’.


The ‘New Majority’ consists of well meaning Nigerians who lend their hands and hearts in building a nation of limitless opportunities for all.

Nigeria Dialogue aims to be at the vanguard of this unstoppable coalition and its quest towards building a developed Nigeria. We represent the new Nigeria ;a  people not defined by their political affiliations, ethnicity or religion, but by shared hopes and common ideals, a people bound by a collective aspiration to build a nation with unlimited opportunities, a country where what defines you as a Nigerian is your contribution to our collective experience irrespective of where you come from in the polity.

We will work with  Nigerians to build transparent and virile institutions: strong parliaments, honest police, independent judges and journalists, a vibrant private sector and a civil and progressive society – these are the pillars democracy and the fundamentals of a thriving society.

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