Innovation and creativity is the bedrock of everything we do in Nigeria Dialogue. We are a mix  of analytical and creative thinking individuals and our teams reflects a lot of ingenuity. Nigeria Dialogue consists of diverse teams all pulling in the same direction to ensure we render excellent services to our partners, clients and the Nigerian Public at large.



This is the team that deals with the strategic direction of the organisation.
They break long term  visions into achievable goals.


This team drives, generates and manages the financial direction of the organisation.
They focus on sponsorship and partnerships both local and international in an ethical manner.


This team manages the end-to-end  production of events and community based outreaches.
They produce conferences collaboratively with the research team  and ensure they deliver value adding projects to the Nigerian public.

Social Media

This team is constantly creating social awareness for Nigeria Dialogue events, projects and products.
They lead the organisation in our campaign to increase membership registration, merchandise brands and increase public participation in issues that affect  Nigeria.


This is a team of policy experts  drawn from some of the finest universities on the planet and from varying backgrounds. They focus primarily on developmental issues such as: governance, finance, business, infrastructural development and social mobility.


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