Nigeria Dialogue has developed a platform for representing the voice of the Nigerian people. We intend for our platform to be a knowledge base for several national issues or concerns such as: national income, monetary policies, community work in local governments, social entrepreneurs, policy papers, infrastructural Development and many more.

Representation is a method or process of enabling a group of people to influence legislation and government policy through aggregating similar content for a ‘Single view of the truth’. The rationale of representation by Nigeria Dialogue is to facilitate a conversation between the Nigerians and the people in government thereby helping to formulate and implement systematically citizens’ demands.

  • We will seek to generate international momentum through international advocacy to advance the Nigerian cause
  • We will use Town hall meetings and University tours as a means to galvanize support?
  • We would engender international good will for causes dear to vast majority of Nigerians
  • We would facilitate representations to the UN, US Senate, British parliament, World Bank, IMF, Economic summits etc.
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