Our People

banksBanks Eniola

Designation: COO

I am a management consultant committed to national development and citizens engagement and how it affects/influences governance. During the day I consult for Fortune 500 companies like UBS, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds and Royal Bank of Scotland but in the evenings I am 150% focused on working for Nigeria Dialogue… My dream is to see a developed Nigeria in my lifetime. When I’m not consulting or travelling, I’m watching football, or arguing about football or National issues. I can be found on Twitter as @bankymoore.

I work for Nigeria Dialogue because I believe that we need the right people in politics and I can use my influence to motivate many good-natured Nigerians to participate and engage our political class. I believe we can bring change to Nigeria by reaching one person at a time, that by talking, sharing ideas and experiences, we can forge a new majority that will usher in the Nigeria we desire.


Babajide Bayo-Yusuf

Designation: Strategy Development

I am an IT consultant. I am happily married to a lovely wife and we have a son. By day, I consult with a car manufacturing company in the UK but in the evening I am focused on supporting Nigeria Dialogue and also working to complete my MBA. I have a dream. My dream is to be a part of the team to effect change in the Nigeria and most importantly to see lives transformed positively.

When I am not working, schooling or supporting Nigeria Dialogue, I spend time with my family, I play football, I watch football, I go horse riding and also have heated debates about any passionate topic like change in Nigeria. I am a part of Nigeria Dialogue because I believe in the movement to effect change in Nigeria. The train of change is heading to Nigeria and getting on that train affords me the chance to be a part of it.

alfredaAlfreda Mafe

Designation:  Executive Secretary

I am a Pharmacist who is extremely passionate about healthcare. I eat, live and breathe public health, and will be completing my Masters in Public Health soon. I am a part of Nigeria Dialogue because the world needs to be saved, but as we all know, ‘Charity begins at Home’. The only people that can help move any country forward are its own children. If I can infect the people in my surrounding with my passion to proactively join hands together to help build Nigeria and they influence their group of people, then we can start a chain reaction towards a positive future.

I believe we can bring change to Nigeria by talking to the people in there themselves, going to the villages and finding out their needs, creating pilots and trial which we can present to the change makers.  My main vision for Nigeria is accessible health care, to bring sustainable and accessible healthcare to those who need it the most, the poor such as the NHS in this country provides. I understand that we have a long way to go but we can start with even just access to basic medicines and health education which will in turn fight out counterfeit drugs and save lives. This change starts with just ONE person.

sopeAdesope Olajide

Designation: Media

I am Broadcast Journalist and a proud Nigerian concerned with the issues that affect the everyday life of Nigerians in our great nation. Working with Nigeria Dialogue for me brings two of my biggest passions together i.e. media and ‘’Nigeria’’.

After having numerous conversations with friends and family about how the youth in Nigeria have been excluded from the ‘dialogue’ to take the nation forward, I felt it was the right thing to do being a part of a progressive collective like Nigeria Dialogue. My aim is solely to champion the huge impact that the youth can make on changing the face and fortunes of our beloved country Nigeria.

gbenga Gbenga Emuwawon

Designation: Web Manager

I am a CIW Master Designer with experience in marketing communications, web design and strategy development in the use of New Media. I have held roles as Creative director, Webmaster and Online Marketing Manager in notable firms like Wakanow.com and British Council where I initiated and managed social media campaigns along side traditional media campaigns to create visibility and drive website traffic.

In 2010, I received an award from the President Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria – Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for coming first place in a web design competition organized by the Federal Ministry of Youth Development. I have a passion for improving the quality of life in sub-Sahran Africa and Nigeria in particular; that’s why I am behind Nigeria Dialogue 100%. The ultimate objective is to cause sustainable change in a positive direction across all facets of life in Nigeria.

chiomaChioma Agwuegbo

Designation: Social Media Manager

As a social media strategist, I channel my intrigue for communication, citizen engagement and how it affects/influences governance into my projects as they come. I enjoy digital storytelling, and the interaction it affords me. So far I’ve worked for/with the Tony Elumelu Foundation, YNaija2015, MTV Staying Alive Foundation (Shuga), the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, Future Challenges, BBC Media Action, amongst others.

When I’m not working I’m writing amateur poetry, reading a novel, or cooking. I can be found on Twitter, called the Fairy GodSister on my blog, and asked for social media support on Facebook or on my website. I said yes to the Nigeria Dialogue project because I believe that politics cannot be left to politicians, especially the ilk we have now. I also believe that by talking, sharing ideas and experiences, we can forge a feasible, people-oriented path to the Nigeria we desire.

tegaFelicita Oghenetega Ovadje

Designation: Project Management Support

As a very inquisitive individual who strives for self-development, I am currently working towards to the completion of the Law (LLB) for graduates program at the University of Birmingham. I currently hold a degree in Criminology and Sociology from the University of Windsor, Canada.

I have been fortunate to work within immigration facilities, day centers for individuals with intellectual disabilities and also mentored youths.  I love to network, travel, and engage in creative activities. I decided to join Nigeria Dialogue because I believe in the development of individuals. I love to make an impact in the community, and I see Nigeria dialogue as a great starting point.

boladeBolade Fajuyitan

I am a Business Analyst who is passionate and proactive about bringing individual and national development through effective techniques and tools and collective effort. I administrate, consult, analyse and recommend practical solution to effect prospective change as well as visionary about feeding the nation.

As a member of Nigeria Dialogue, I find it a privilege to be part of the movement to ensure Nigeria develops politically, in her health sector, and economically. My connections in the military, media and retail sector of the country is invaluable to my role as a potential team member in this organization. I believe in the better future; I believe in working by principles, building potentials, and exploring same potentials to sustainably achieve growth and development.

yemisiYemisi Onasanya

Designation: Programme Coordinator

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