Icons Of Change


Nigeria Dialogue is searching the globe for unheralded Nigerian icons. These are everyday people changing the life of Nigerians both at home and in diaspora. “Icons of Change” culminates in a short list of 10 individuals who will be profiled and presented to the world at our end of the year Gala night.

In Nigeria Dialogue we belief that the desire for change is the catalyst for growth and development and this is why we have decided to honour people in our communities who are working to bring change to others around them. We will celebrate change agents from every sphere of the society.

The “Icons of Change” section on our website will focus on everyday young Nigerians who are doing work that fits into the Nigeria Dialogue philosophy. We will feature their works in the community and identify areas where they are changing their immediate community using education, technology, music & arts, charity, group work, service etc.

Icons of Change” are symbols of the kind of change which Nigeria Dialogue is advocating and we plan to tell their stories so that through our platform the world will recognise their efforts.

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